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Monday, August 19, 2013

pen 75: avery marks-a-lot

the avery marks-a-lot is one of those pens that, like sharpies, are found in nearly any place selling anything. these pens are everywhere. junk drawers, garage and workshop benches, office supply rooms... simply everywhere.

the marks-a-lot is a felt-tip permanent marker that is cheap, disposable and fairly good at what it does under the proper conditions and usage.

like the mark-it this pen bleeds, i know i said yesterday that i wasn't going to worry about the bleed but having used this pen i found that there is bleed and then there is bleed. the marks-a-lot, when used on regular copier paper not only soaks through the paper but will bleed over detail work, especially if whatever you detail is on the smaller side of the scale. if you are using heavier sock paper or bristol the bleed is not nearly as pronounced. i will say that judging this pen on criteria that i hold other smaller tipped pens is not exactly fair, so take that for what it's worth.

the felt tip tends to dry out under constant use, like filling in large areas of black and sometimes requires a few minutes to refresh, or you can be impatient like me a make several passes until the desired saturation is reached. one the other difference between this pen and yesterday's is the durability of the felt tip. unlike the mark-it, the marks-a-lot wears down quickly, especially if you're pressing hard on the paper. once the tip is worn down, detail work is next to impossible and the pen is either used as a fill pen or ready for the trash can.

the ink dries pretty quickly, and reeks of alcohol, so use in in open areas, try not to breathe it in too much, they say its non-toxic, but the smell can't be good for your brain. if you hate having a functioning brain and you want to change that unfortunate fact this might be the pen for you. on last thing - if you are inking, be sure that your hand isn't all sweaty, i know it sounds a little gross, but i have found that, especially when it's hot outside and you you don't move your hand around much this can happen. despite avery's claim that it is water resistant, i have evidence to the contrary, the heel of my hand is now a purplish black... so, yeah.

okay, so my final thoughts on this pen. the cost ought to fall in between $1-$2 a piece, although they do sometimes sell these at the dollar store. this pen is pretty basic and hard to mess up, would i recommend it? meh... i guess if its the only option but there are better chisel tipped pens out there for roughly the same price that perform better.

nk marks virtually any surface and resists rubbing, water and fading to deliver marks that last. The ink is low-odor, nontoxic and certified. The quick-drying formula minimizes accidental contact with damp ink. A chisel tip allows you to vary the width of your strokes for legible notes on small surfaces and broad strokes on high-visibility signs. With this marker, the convenience is as enduring as the ink.

  • Permanent ink is water-resistant and withstands fading
  • Chisel tip allows you to write with a variety of line widths
  • Marks virtually any surface, including cardboard and plastic
  • Dries quickly and is rub-resistant to minimize smudging
  • Nontoxic formula allows safe use by children

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