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Thursday, August 22, 2013

pen 78: sakura pigma callipen

today's pen, the sakura pigma callipen, should have an asterisks next to it for two reasons: a: it isn't strictly a chisel tipped pen although it it does have a square-ish plastic tip, and b: this pen is apparently no longer in production.

i can't remember when i purchased this pen, it may have been back in those early art school days. this pen was produced by the same company that makes the holy micron pen that are universally loved. when i started doing a little research (read: i googled it.) i discovered that this particular pen does not seem to be in production any longer, although it seems that there are a few places online that you can still order from. sakura has since replaced that model with the pigma calligrapher, a pen that i have yet to use, because of this there really isn't any official company description that i can find for the discontinued pen.

the callipen that i have for this review is a plastic tipped 1.8mm calligraphy pen, and in this case, black. the tip is very rigid and durable, and i remember that back when i would use this for outlining or filling art, had a great flow, supersaturated black ink that made life so much easier as opposed to using the fine-tipped pens that i was using at the time, the fact that i was able to use it today and have a reasonability amount of ink flow is kind of impressive consider its age and the usage i have gotten out of it, no mistakes here, it is/was a workhorse of a pen. having never really pursued the fine art of calligraphy, i cant really say how effective it was in that field, but for the price of around $2-$5 (estimated) i feel like i more than got my money's worth. the question, would i buy another? my answer is probably not, i have since found better pens that perform better for around the same price, some of those being pens that simply did not exist when i bought this. i would be open to checking out their new line of calligraphy pens, if only because i like the quality of pen that sakura has produced for as long as i can remember using the micron.

since this pen is no longer in production there is no actual page for them on the sakura website, but there are pages for all the rest of their fine product line.


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