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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

pen 77: sharpie chisel tip permanent marker

so as promised yesterday, today i am taking a look at the regular or "civilian" sharpie chisel tip permanent marker.

a few quick notes on this particular pen. the ink is just as saturated and bold as any other sharpie, this pen had no range of value in between black and white. shading is limited to fills, hatching, cross-hatching and stippling, unless you are writing on some kind of painted or plastic surface and the you can smudge the ink to get some value range. warning, this technique is very messy, and depending what study you read may or may not lead to things like ink poisoning and/or cancer... i probably out to do some actual refreshing research before making such claims - but as a person who writes on his hands and arms all the time i hear these little gems an a near daily basis.

the tips on these pens are felt, and not suited to precision detail work after using for relatively short amount of time. i find that after several uses i tend to throw them in a box i call the sharpie graveyard and only used when i need to fill large areas of white space and don't need to worry about the detail work, i usually use several pens when drawing and this one pen a day thing has been challenging in that i feel extremely limited by the singe pen approach...

on the other hand, it has caused me to work in size formats that i haven tried in years, is forcing me to find creative solutions and is probably making me a stronger artist. still, it can be a pain in the ass at times.

these pen tend to fall in the $1 - $3 dollar range (edit: as of the time of this post office max is having a sale on sharpies - 25 cents a pen, limit three pens per customer.), i've seen packaging  with four or five pens in a pack and you can often find them in singles in a sharpie display that most stores ive been to lately seem to have. the other and last thing that i feel that i should mention is that these pens come in black, and eight additional color choices, which can be useful when making signs banners labeling or just to feel all special and pretty.


what they say:
  • Versatile chisel tip marks both broad and fine line widths
  • Unique anti-roll barrel design
  • Permanent on most surfaces
  • Fade and water resistant Quick-drying ink
  • AP certified nontoxic formula
  • 8 bold colors
  • Broad and fine strokes. You'll excuse our split personality.

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