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Monday, August 26, 2013

pen 82: sharpie king size chisel tip

considering that the second post here on a pen a day was the single largest marker i have ever used, the sharpie magnum chisel tip, it is a little funny that with no foreplanning this pen, the sharpie king size chisel is being reviewed exactly eighty pens later. i don't know... maybe it isn't really all that funny after all.


the sharpie king is available in three colors, black, blue and red. it is the middle child between the magnum and the smaller sharpies chisel tip and the chisel tip pro. this pen has all the features typical to the sharpie line, they are durable, the body is aluminum (i think, it's some kind of metal anyway) it is bold the ink is dark, and dries quickly. this pen does "squeak" at times which is almost as bad as nails on a chalkboard so be aware of that. the felt tip does tend to show signs of wear after light use and , since the ink lasts longer than the tip i tend to use the blunted tipped pens for fills or ina pinch on large format projects. the sharpie king has the same issues with the smell, bleed and bleed through, the glide varied depending on what you are using it on and if the cap does come off in transit... well it has a larger tip and a ton of ink just waiting to touch paper, fabric, cigarettes and skin... and it will ruin your day and maybe a pair of pants.

i have found this pen useful for detailing acrylic paintings, drawing on finished wood, metal and glass, it works really well with is siblings in the sharpie chisel family handling areas that are too small for the magnum and tasks that would take forever to fill with the smaller versions. this pen also works really well in its own right and can be used to tag, make signs, draw sloppy pictures of naughty bits on your buddy's face when he passes out at a party, labeling boxes when moving, throwing at the neighbors cat when it's eating your cat's food, and coloring in bleached spots or moth holes (the latter requires you coloring on your skin under the hole) on your dress/work clothes... oh and they work okay on scuffed black shoes as we..

these pens retail around $2-$3 a pen, you can buy them in four packs as well and those run about $8-$10. might find better prices online, but i'll let you look for yourself on that.

as to whether or not i would recommend or not, i would. it's a sharpie and therefore never a bad purchase, go. buy. one. now.

as always, if you go out and buy this pen and don't like it - madness - contact me, i'll give you shipping info and in exchange i will send you an awesome drawing drawn with the pen you so disliked.


what they say:

All hail.
  • Industrial Strength for the toughest marking jobs
  • Durable aluminum barrel and felt tip stand up to heavy use
  • Excellent for marking corrugate, wood, metal, foil, stone, plastic, leather and more
  • Marks on wet and oily surfaces
  • Water resistant and dries quickly
  • 3 bold colors

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