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Friday, September 20, 2013

pen 107: officemax just basics medium ballpoint

today's pen, the  just basics medium ballpoint, is a brand of pen that i had no idea existed up until two days ago. the just basic pen is a stripped down inexpensive version of the bic round stick or other basic ballpoint pen. (that statement should mean something if you think about it.)

after searching on google i came to several conclusions. the first is that this is an inexpensive pen, 12 packs go for  around $1.30 which makes this a little over ten cents a pen, cool. the second is that i was unable to find an official website for the manufacturer, which rings some bells to me, and lastly, people hate this pen. most of the customer reviews i saw were extremely negative, and what it comes down to, i think, is that if you are pending less than a quarter a pen you probably don't have much of a valid reason for complaint. these pens are cheap, and i've found that most of the time we get what we pay for.

that said.

i really really like this pen. i found that it didn't need much in the way of warm up to get the ink flowing, that it only sometimes skips and stutters, the line is mostly consistent id goof inking pencils, gesture and contour drawings, has a fine tip that allows for detail work and is a clean pen, it dries fast and doesn't build up on the tip or leave deposits on the paper. the value range of the ink is impressive, with a great range between black and nothing. i haven't had the same negative experience with this pen, maybe i'm lucky, but i would definitely recommend this pen, especially since they are so inexpensive that they are just short of paying you to use them. 

what they say:

Comfortable round plastic barrel.
  • Medium 1.0mm
  • Blue ink
  • Cap indicates ink color
  • 48 Count

Just Basics - Stick Ballpoint Pens - Black, Medium, Model No. OM99365: Comfortable round plastic barrel. Cap color indicates ink color. Disposable.

Just Basics - Stick Ballpoint Pens - Blue, Medium, Model No. OM99364: Comfortable round plastic barrel. Cap color indicates ink color. Disposable.

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