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Saturday, September 21, 2013

pen 108: sharpie retractable fine point permanent marker

wow, yes, today's pen is another fine example of the quality of pen that sharpie makes.

this pen is more or less the same as the regular fine point sharpie, aside from the lack of a cap the only other difference between them is that the retractable tip is a slightly different shape.

so yeah, it's a sharpie, and with that it is safe to say that it is a fine pen. the lack of cap is nice, the ink is dark, little to no range in value - it either is or isn't, it bleeds, out and through the paper so be aware of that, but aside from the bleed this pen is clean, the ink dries quickly, has a consistent line quality, does not skip or stutter. the only thing i can think of  that i  can complain about is that the tips of these pens, and this is pretty much true of all of sharpie pens, they really seem to have a handful of uses before the tip is worn down and blunted, after this happens the only thing they are really good for is filling in areas of black and line work that isn't extremely detail.

the last thing that i's going to mention here is that these pens retail around 
$3 a pen, and they come in packages of two, three, eight and twelve pens - the last one contains all available colors .

while i'm not head over heels about this particular pen, i will say that it gets the job done and definitely worth the peace of mind knowing that the cap has fallen off with the pen in your pocket, backpack or purse. as fars as would i recommend this pen to others? maybe - depending on what their need is. other than that i would just as soon use a less expensive sharpie fine point.


what they say:

Forget about a cap ... just click and write.
  • No cap to remove or lose
  • Retractable marker for easy one-handed operation
  • Safety Seal™ valve design helps prevent dry out
  • Ultra Fine point for precise marking and writing
  • Permanent on most surfaces
  • Quick-drying ink AP certified nontoxic formula
  • 3 bold colors to make your point

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