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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

pen 98:pilot razor point

today's pen is another one from my past, i remember using these at an early age, i think my dad has a few or maybe my grandfather, anyway, they were around.

the pilot razor point pen is a solid product, it has a porous plastic tip, dark ink, durable, writes well, inks over pencils, has good bite, good flow, the value range is limited but can be marginally offset by pen pressure, is odorless and really is an all around good pen to have. the only drawback that i feel i ought to mention is that the ink  can pool up a bit when inking and doesn't dry as quickly as other plastic tipped pens of the same type, not the end of the world, just potentially messy, you have been warned.

these pens cost around $2 apiece, and while i'm pretty sure that most office supply stores ought to carry them, i don't really remember seeing any at the places i usually go... i ordered this pen off of amazon.com.

i don't regret buying this pen, however, i don't think that i would ever buy another. for the price there are other pens, even made by the same company, that perform much better.


what they say:

The extra fine Razor Point Fine Line Marker Pen is perfect for delicate writing. A plastic point tip supported by a metal collar makes for long lasting performance and smooth writing capabilities.
Item: Razor Point Marker pen. 1 - pack
Ink Color: Black
Point Type: Extra Fine
Item UPC: 72838110008
Item number: BSW10BLK-6PK
Categories: Marker Pens, Stick Pens

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