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Friday, October 18, 2013

128: liquid sharpie

i wish i could remember where and when i bought this pen, i'm fairly sure it was back in college and that would suggest that i would have gotten it at walgreens or rite aid.

as near as i can figure this pen has been discontinued, or perhaps, rather that i evolved into the current stained brush tipped sharpie pen line.

i was unable to find anything about these pens after a quick check around the internet, that it would be discontinued, well, that doesn't surprise me, it seems that they always discontinue the best pens.

go figure.

this particular sharpie seems like it was a missing link between the traditional sharpie and the newer models that use ink that is bleed free and brush tip liquid ink pens that work really well for painting on all sorts of different materials.

the liquid sharpie has a solid body, a window to the ink reservoir, a slightly stubby version of the fine point tip, and smells more like rubbing alcohol than the chemically smell we all love about our sharpies.

the ink doesn't bleed the same way the standard pens do and it seems to go on smoother, giving the lines a nice velvety look.

if you have a chance to buy one of these pens, do so... buy two actually and send one to me, i'll send you a drawing in return.

pricing: n/a

website: n/a

what they say: n/a

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