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Saturday, October 19, 2013

pen 129: sharpie stained

much like pen 95, today's pen, the sharpie stained is a brush pen that allows you to lay ink down on paper with the flexibility of a brush as opposed to the standard plastic and felt tipped versions that we all love and know so well.

as i mentioned in yesterday's review, the sharpie stained brush tip pen is the the latest step in pen evolution, the liquid ink is dark, flows flawlessly, doesn't bleed, while the brush tip allows for lovely organic lines. the brush also allows for line width variation, much like a paint brush and is capable of filling in large areas of black while still being useful when inking detail, especially on medium and larger format pieces.

while i don't usually this pen as a drawing pen, i do use them for inking, and most importantly, this pen can ink over acrylic and latex paint without drying out the tip, something that happens with most of the permanent markers that i've used for inking detail on paintings.

the only downside to this pen is that i can't seem to find individual pens for sale. as an inking pen, i really only need black, and i've had to buy two sets of four pack assorted colors for the on pen that i wanted out of the quartet. still, this is the only pen that i have found that can draw on any surface with no issues whatsoever, aside from using these pens so often that i have gone through several pens in that last year or so.

still, i highly recommend this pen, it is extremely useful and is a wonderful tool to have in any pen drawer, coffee mug  or pencil box.

i love this pen so much that if you buy one and are unhappy with the results, i will trade you an original drawing for the pen.


wallmart: (retail)
$5-$6 (4 pens)

$9.95 (8 pens) +s/h


what they say:

  • You Stain it, You Own it.
  • Brush tip fabric markers let you start a line of your own design.
  • Developed for optimal performance on most fabric surfaces.
  • Fabric ink. Brush tip.
  • Available in eight vibrant, bold colors.
  • Wash without worries. Ink resists fading on most fabrics.
  • Make your mark on the world with Stained fabric markers. Developed by Sharpie, these permanent markers have 8 bright colors that are designed to work on most fabric surfaces. Your creative doodles will be fade-resistant during most normal washing cycles, so draw your creations without worry.
  • Style and color assortment may vary
  • Number of Pieces: 8
  • Ink Color: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Black
  • Features: Fadeproof, Durable Tip, Quick Drying, Contoured Grip
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up
  • Dimensions: 7.25 " L x 7.65 " W

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