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Sunday, October 20, 2013

pen 130: sanford 20/20

today's pen is the sanford 20/20 easy-to-read felt tip poster marker.

having never heard of this pen before in my life i was curious, it was labeled "easy-to-read" i figured it would be a good fine tipped pen that would be useful for inking.

i was wrong.

this pen has a felt tip that has little firmness, it has a soft inconsistent line and is a poor second to other brush tipped pens i've reviewed here. the ink doesn't bleed out or through and is not all that dark, it kind of seems like someone created this pen to sell to people like me who don't know any better, and the medical profession.

when you consider this pen is made by the parent company of sharpie and paper mate pens it makes me wonder why this pen was created in the first place. this is a dark stain on the rubbermaid corporation.

i am considering melting this pen with a lighter after i finish typing this, i hate it so much.

to the point... the 20/20? don't bother.


placerville news company (retail):around $3
amazon.com:$9.95 (single pen) +s/h

$1.93 (single pen) +s/h


what they say: 
  • Dries almost instantly
  • Designed to not bleed through paper
  • Bold tip makes reading and writing easier to see
  • Useful for many tasks
  • Perfect for someone with low vision

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