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Monday, October 21, 2013

pen 131: milan gel touch

today's pen, the milan gel touch, is another example of a product made well. this pen is made from durable plastic, essentially a solid body, covered in a thin rubber layer, sports a .7 ballpoint tip and is a gel ink pen.
 like the milan touch, this pen is inexpensive, well crafted, comfortable to use, clean - the ink dries extremely quick, with minimal skipping, stuttering, the glide and the bite are well balanced as well.

this pen is good for writing, sketching, but as for inking over pencil lines, i would use another pen, the gel touch has difficulty getting a bite on graphite.

overall this is a great pen, within it's limitations and intended use. while i probably will not be going out of my way to buy another, i do not regret the purchase.


placerville news company (retail): between $3-$4



what they say:

Gel ink pen with rubber touch finish. Quick-drying ink. Ink made in Japan.

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Aloquin said...

Looks pretty good :) Don't think I've ever seen one of these.