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Saturday, October 26, 2013

pen 136: infinity permanent marker

today's pen is the infinity permanent marker. this pen is analogous to the sharpie fine point permanent marker sharing a few common features and fill the same roles.

to begin, both pens are permanent, the infinity doesn't have the same kind of bleed as the sharpie, not noticeable in the bleed out, and minimal on bleeding though the page. like the sharpie it has a felt tip that starts out with a god tip but  wears down to a blunt nub with very little use. these pens are not sold separately, at least not that i've found, so if you want one, you more or less have to buy a set, which range in different size groups at different prices. there are around 26 colors, which is a good selection of color, thoughtful too as there are colors one might not expect to see in the lower end marker brands.

lastly they smell funny, like formaldehyde - it reminds me of what the morgue smelled like in anatomy class when we went to the medical college to draw... well parts of human bodies.

overall i would say that these pens are so close to being sharpies that i would recommend that you just buy a sharpie. if you have kids and don't really care how they are used or treated, these might be a good pen for that.

wallgreens (retail): $11.99
boarddudes.com: $18.99+s/h (26 pens)


what they say:

With unrivaled design and technology, these acid-free Infinity permanent markers add vivid brightness, making anything you write pop off the page. Triangular grips allow your fingers to use less pressure while writing – promoting great control and amazing comfort.  This ultimate value pack includes 26 bold colors including Neon and Metallic markers, making it perfect for note taking, drawing, letter writing or even creative scrapbooking.   

Key Features:
• Ultimate Color Pack includes 26 bold, bright, neon and metallic colors
• Triangular grip for comfortable writing
• Heavy-duty clip won't snap off
• Durable, acrylic tip design delivers long-lasting, permanent ink
• Writes clearly on light and dark surfaces
• Quick drying, acid-free, and fade resistant–ideal for scapbooks, arts & crafts, school projects, and more
• Quality Guarantee

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