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Friday, October 25, 2013

pen 135: pilot razor point II

it is no secret that i am a huge fan of ultra fine, plastic tipped ink pens, if you are one of those who have followed this blog, you will have noticed that sharpies, microns, copics and a few others usually top my list of pens worth not only buying, but using. there have been several times over the last one hundred and thirty odd reviews where i found myself having to use the pen i was reviewing on the art sample that accompany each post rather than the appropriate pen choice - for example - this pen.

the pilot razor point II is basically the ultra fine version of the pilot razor point. basically a well made plastic body pen, it poor glide, fair flow, doesn't really skip or stutter, the line can be a little inconsistent - but for me, not really a bad thing - it has great bite, dark ink that doesn't bleed, and a .3 mm porous plastic tip that is right around the best size - again, for me - to sketch with, anything smaller, i usually reserve for fine detail work.

this pen is good for writing, sketching, inking - it covers pencil lines with no problem - and detail work is actually pretty easy, especially since the pen doesn't have much if any bleed.

i would say that hands down, this pen is at least an equal to the micron or staedtler pens of the same size, and have the added bonus as being a bit more durable than the micron's tip and a price that is actually a little lower than the  competition.

it's a good pen, and a great price, and yes, i will be buying more.

placerville news company (retail): approx $2 (single pen)
pilot.com: $20.28+s/h (12 pens)
blick.com: $1.59+s/h (single pen)


what they say:
  • Genuine Razor Point Marker Pens for delicate, smooth writing 
  • Plastic point tip supported by metal collar for long-lasting performance 
  • A unique liquid ink produces crisp, fine lines through its extra-tough plastic point. 
  • Sleek, modern design with barrel that coordinates with the ink color. 
  • Writes a fine 0.3 mm line.

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