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Thursday, November 14, 2013

pen 141: eberhard-faber felt tip pen

while i would like to say that i had an amazing story to go along with today's pen, the truth is that last week i voted, and the pen i was using may or may not have somehow found it's way into my pocket unnoticed, only to be or not to be discovered later that day.

see, i have this problem, i tend to walk off with pens without noticing. it's not that i'm trying to steal, but that i pretty much always have a pen on my person and putting one in my pocket is as second nature as, say, locking the door to one's dwelling or vehicle. it is completely auto pilot.

i also wish i could say that this pen was worthy of the risk the state of California's ire and possibly broke some overreaching law, but it isn't

this pen is a medium, felt tipped pen. it doesn't stand out in any way, i could be used for inking, or writing, it is on the lighter side of black in terms of value, but it is a one value type pen. i am not generally a big fan of felt tipped pens, they seem to wear out rather quickly, they can bleed and, in this case, was not sealed properly for a few hours and dried out completely. i probably could have spent a little time and water, and see if i could get this pen back to drawing shape, but when it is all said and done, i could just as soon used one of the many pen 43 paper-mate flair's that i don't particularly care for but seem to reproduce while i am out of the office. seriously where the hell are those coming from?


$13.00+s/h (twelve pens)


www.eberhardfaber.de (pen not listed)

what they say:
  • Ultra-durable point.
  • Water-based ink.
  • Large ink reservoir.
  • Pack of 12

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