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Friday, November 15, 2013

pen 142 bic tech 2 in 1

today's pen, the tech 2 in 1, is a hybrid pen that is among an emerging class of pen that bridges the gap between writing on paper, and on a tablet or smartphone. while there are a few tablets out there that are specifically designed to work with a proprietary stylus, such as the samsung notes(s). the majority of touchscreen devices seem to function fairly well with the tip of your finger. so why a stylus?

well you might want slightly better precision, or find your fingers are too broad. you might not like getting fingerprints all over your device or find yourself wearing gloves. these are just a few i came up with off the top of my head. 
since a stylus is basically a pen that doesn't write, it makes perfect sense to sick an ink cartridge inside and add a tip to the other end, making it less of a hassle to go back and forth between the two.

the tech 2 in 1 has a soft pliable rubber tip where an eraser would go, and a retractable tip on the other end. this pen has fair glide, good bite, and great flow, the ink doesn't skip or stutter  or gunk up on the tip, or leave deposits on the paper. it provides a consistent line and the ink has a great range in value, it can be laid on lightly, made darker with multiple passes or pressure.

this pen is a little on the expensive side, stylus pens are for some reason... probably just because the are, and they figure people will just assume there is an actual reason because tablets and phones are expensive... lame. the pen is nice, i personally do not have much use for the stylus, as i use an s pen, but the pen itself is really nice, i like the way it performs, and will be using this pen until i either lose it, use it up, or more likely move on to the next current favorite pen.

i am a bit on the fence about recommending that you buy one though, i doubt that i will ever buy another, but if you have an ipad and feel like you want the extra control a stylus provides, this pen is much less expensive than the ones i've seen and have used from places like bestbuy. overall i would say that it just depends on your needs.


$5.99+s/h (single pen)


what they say:


Get the best of both worlds! The Bic Tech 2 in 1 provides the perfect combination of a ball pen and Stylus all in one.

Use the high precision stylus with your tablet and smartphone apps or take notes on paper with the easy-glide ballpoint pen.

  • Black Ink (Pen)
  • Medium Point (Pen)
  • Lightweight stylus for capacitive touchscreen devices, including tablets and smartphones
  • Glides across screens easily providing fingerprint-free precision and control
  • Retractable ball pen features Easy Glide System ink - Bic's exclusive ink technology for smoother writing
  • Convenient clip
  • Pusher to retract the Ball Pen side
  • Pad is optimized for a variety of screens and usages
  • Low friction rubber pad is among the smoothest in the market
  • Black/Silver barrel
  • 1 per pack


The Bic Tech Stylus 2-in-1 Pen is a stylus and ball pen in one. It acts as a lightweight stylus for capacitive touchscreen devices, gliding across screens easily and providing fingerprint-free precision and control. The retractable ball pen features Bic's Easy-Glide System ink for smooth writing.

Bic Tech Stylus 2-in-1 Pen, 2-Pack:

  • Stylus and ball pen in 1
  • Lightweight stylus for capacitive touchscreen devices including tablets and smartphones
  • Glides across screens easily
  • Provides fingerprint-free precision and control
  • Retractable ball pen features Easy-Glide System ink
  • Smooth writing
  • Black ink

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