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Monday, September 9, 2013

pen 96: pentel finito!

when i found the finito i knew that it was love at first sight. this pen is a analogue of the sharpie ultra fine point pen and several others that i probably have already reviewed but i'm getting sick and i don't really feel like putting any more effort into this post than i have already.

there are a few differences between the finito and the sharpie - this pen does not bleed through the paper, in the above example i did for the finito, there are large areas of black that i made multiple passes over, and not once did it bleed through the standard 20 lb printer paper.
the ink, unlike the sharpie, odorless which means no headaches when using in confined or poorly ventilated spaces. this pen will ink over pencil, watercolors, acrylic, but is best used on papery media, metal and plastics are a weak spot that the sharpie has no problem handling. lastly this pen has a nice consistent line, good flow, good bite, and writes well without the warming up that the sharpie version sometimes needs.
as for cost, i believe that i paid around $6-$7 for a package of three, the official website lists individuals at around $2 a pen.

if you have a a different ultra fine pen that you know and love, stick with it, its not all that different than the rest, however if you feel like trying new things this pen is worth the price.


what they say:
doesn't bleed through most paper
permanent pigment ink makes this pen check safe and fade and water resistant
liquid ink flows smoothly for seamless, skip-free writing
durable plastic nib writes extra-fine lines with no bleed and no smear
snap tight cap helps your ink last longer
available ink colors: Black, Red and Blue
refill: n/a

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