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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

pen 76: sharpie professional chisel tip

welcome to day three of chisel tip week, it's a lot like shark week only waaaay more boringer... that's right, i said it, boringer... deal with it.

today i am going to look at the sharpie chisel tip professional permanent marker.

so this pen is the super hardcore version of tomorrow's regular sharpie chisel tip pen. the professional is a durable pen that is made for things that require wearing heavy leather gloves. the tip is reinforced, though not as durable as the bic marks-a-lot. still this pen is going to last longer under heavy use than the civilian version. the body of this pen in roughly flat, making it less likely to roll of surfaces, and has the additional perk of having a yellow rubber covering down the side improving grip. the last feature to note are the odd bumps near the bottom of the cap, as far as i am able to figure these provide further traction when wearing gloves, aside from the practical feature of the pen, it is a basic utilitarian pen, comes in only one color, black. like the black of the evil soul of someone... evil. yeah, that one fell flat. 

the ink is dark, the saturation heavy, and the bleed considerable. it eventually will dry out, especially if you are laying down a lot of ink, but usually replacing the cap and waiting a few minutes allows the tip to rehydrate or whatever. this pen will write on paper, wood, tile, stone, canvas, on top of watercolor, acrylic, and latex paints, it should handle gesso, and i haven't tried it over things like dried oil paints or pastels but it will cover graphite, charcoal and other forms of ink.

as for the cost, these seem to retail between $3 - $5 for a single pen but when you consider the versatility of the pen and it's life span i would honestly rather have one of these in my bag than three of the civilian version. 

is this pen worth the cost and would i recommend this pen? yes, without hesitation, or reservations... i urge you to give this pen a spot in your arsenal of art supplies.


what they say:

Mark it like a pro: Permanent on most surfaces, including wet, oily, abrasive and nonporous surfaces 
Stronger professional chisel tip lasts 50% longer than standard Sharpie chisel tip on abrasive surfaces 
Non-slip barrel and cap design make cap easy to remove even when you're wearing gloves 
val shaped barrel will not roll off flat surfaces 

Quick drying: AP Certified nontoxic formula The Sharpie professional chisel-tip permanent marker is designed for use in rough conditions, so it's a great choice for use in warehouses, on construction sites, or in other places that tend to wear out standard markers. The ink is water resistant and resists fading, so it won't wear off no matter where you use it.

Stronger Tip: The Sharpie professional chisel-tip permanent marker is designed with a tougher tip, so it lasts 50 percent longer than standard permanent markers. You can use it for difficult jobs without worrying about the tip wearing out too soon.

Writes on Multiple Surfaces: The Sharpie professional chisel-tip permanent marker also writes permanently on most surfaces, including those that are wet and oily, abrasive, or nonporous. Unlike regular permanent markers, you can use these professional-strength markers just about anywhere. When you need a finer point for precise writing in tough conditions, you can use the Sharpie industrial extra-fine-point permanent marker.

Convenient Barrel Design: With their convenient barrel design, these Sharpie professional chisel-tip permanent markers are also easier to use in difficult circumstances. The rubber barrel and cap are easy to remove, even with gloved hands, and the oval design means they won't roll away when you put it down.

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