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Thursday, September 26, 2013

pen 113: sharpie pen grip

today's pen is a modern classic, the sharpie pen grip - fine point. this pen is a disposable version of pen 34.

this pen is a sharpie, and if you have been following along you probably know what that means. i almost feel like reviewing this pen is a bit redundant, the brand speaks for itself. as i mentioned a few reviews ago, i have only once regretted buying a sharpie, and that was the sharpie liquid pencil back at pen 20, and even then it wasn't all bad.

so the grip, it's made of plastic, it's pretty light, and feels cheap, but then again, these pen are inexpensive and it would take some effort to crush or snap it in two. the pen comes in fine and medium point sizes and is available in six colors. the plastic tip is durable and can stand up to moderately heavy pressure and use, the ink is a new type of bleed free ink, which makes drawing on paper - thick or thin - a cleaner activity. this pen i great for thing like notebooks, sketch pads or art journals. like all sharpies this pen lasts for a good long while, doesn't skip or stutter, it has consistent flow, uniform line width, and a great balance between glide and bite.

these pens are always good for writing, drawing, detail work, and inking over pencils.

the only thing i have to say that i don't like about this pen is that the saturation of the ink is not as full as it's other non-bleed free cousins in the sharpie line but other than that one thing, i highly recommend anything with the sharpie name printed on the barrel.

yes, that means i endorse this pen.


$7.99 (3 pens ) +s/h
$7.99 (3 pens assorted colors) +s/h
$31.99 (12 pens) +s/h

$1.29-$4.19 (3 pens ) +s/h


what they say:

sharpie.com Get a grip on Sharpie Pen style and performance.
  • Won't bleed through paper!
  • Quick drying ink to prevent smearing
  • Soft grip along barrel for added writing comfort
  • Fine point tip size for everyday writing
  • Permanent ink on paper
  • Color indicator on ends to help distinguish ink color
  • Water resistant, acid free, and AP certified non-toxic ink formula designed for paper
  • Available in black, blue, red, green, orange, and purple

officemax.comYour favorite Sharpie Pen- now in a grip version!
  • Will not bleed through paper (results vary based on paper characteristics)
  • Permanent on paper
  • Water resistant, acid-free, nontoxic ink formula
  • Features a soft grip for added comfort
  • Set of 3 Colored Ink Pens includes 1 each of Black Ink, Blue Ink and Red Ink


Aloquin said...

I LOVE that 2nd drawing! Is any of it digital, or you actually got the different darkness variations with the one pen?

Patrick Brennan said...

hey there, yeah it was all one pen, what i did was dab with a slightly damp fingertip, and then soon after kleenex (yeah, i didn't think that one through) and then when the lighter stuff dried i went over it with the pen again.

as i mentioned this is a new bleed-free ink and isn't as saturated as the normal ink.

Aloquin said...

Looks awesome!