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Friday, September 27, 2013

pen 114: uni-ball onyx

i seem to recall today's pen, the uni-ball onyx, being everywhere i looked back when i was in college. it seemed like i would randomly pick these up (read: accidentally steal) these pens quite often over the last ten years or so. last week i lost my last remaining working onyx pen... and after tearing my office apart looking for it, i gave in, and ventured out into the real world in search of this pen. 
i went to wall mart, target, k mart, cvs, walgreens and rite aid and i called staples ... and to my shock discovered that these pens are no longer carried at these stores, at least not in the region where i live.

after a quick google search i discovered that i wasn't able to find any mention on the official uni-ball website, but that these pens could be bought online from any of the other websites listed below.

i have to say that i finally did find the pen, it clipped to the collar of the shirt i had been wearing that day... all... that... day.


so anyway, recovering from my frustbarassment (patent pending) i sat down and manage to get the pen, and two drawings out of the remaining ink and sadly had to retire it to that big ol trash can in the sky. and by sky i mean next to my desk.

i had forgotten how nice this pen is, seriously - in fact, it seems like most of the pens that i have rated highest are either discontinued or are on the road there and i guess when i think about it that shouldn't surprise me considering that i have been on this world for roughly 35 years and should be familiar with how things like that are pretty much an universal constant in my life.

this pen is basically a variant of my favorite pens, the uni-ball rollerball stic-micro from way back at post 8. this pen has good flow, fair glide, good bite, the ink is dark but has a fair value range, dries quickly, is clean and is good for writing, drawing. contour or gesture drawing, inking over pencils, and detail work. it's a solid 4. really the only drawback to this pen is that i cant seem to find it in a retail setting and i just dont love it enough to want to pay for a dozen... and shipping. 

when it comes down to it, if i had another one already i would use it, but if i'm spending money on it, i would just as soon pay less for the rollerball stic.


$5.58 (12 pens) +s/h

$8.29(12 pens) +s/h

$8.99(12 pens) +s/h

$8.79(12 pens) +s/h

www.uniball.com (no information on this pen on the company website)

what they say:


  • Micro point, 0.5 mm
  • Blue
  • Precision metal tip is ideal for carbon copies
  • Black matte barrel, molded clip and cap
  • Non-refillable
  • 12 per pack

  • Precision tungsten ball.
  • Excellent for carbons and multi-part forms.
  • Easy to hold matte black barrel.
  • Liquid ink.
  • Sold by the Dozen (12 each)

office depot.com

  • The most affordable way to enjoy the smooth rollerball flow
  • Metal point makes for smooth, consistent writing. A simple, effortless stroke delivers just the right amount of vivid ink to your page. Liquid ink is permanent, quick-drying, fade-resistant and waterproof so it's safe for your most important papers.
  • Fine point tips for clear, precise lines. Choose the perfect point type for sharp, detailed writing tasks, such as record keeping, footnotes in margins or number work. Tips hold an extremely durable metal tungsten ball for the ultimate in dependable performance.
  • Black matte…a classic look and feel! Slim matte barrel is easy for anyone to control. The matching cover won't slip off unexpectedly and includes a plastic clip to hang on a pocket or folder.
  • Nonrefillable. 
  • officemax.com
  • A reliable pen at an economical price. 
  • Durable metal point is excellent for marking carbon copies or multipart forms
  • Smooth writing, quick-drying ink
  • Micro Point
  • 12 Black Ink Pens

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